Parenting A Biracial Child As A White Woman

I’m white. My kid isn’t. I love it.

But.. There are a few differences about raising kids of the same race as you and raising kids who are of a different race than you.

1. Dear White People: Black isn’t a bad word

I hear it all the time. White people whispering the word black when describing someone or they’re afraid to say that my daughter has black hair. It is RIDICULOUS. Is white a bad word? No. Neither is black. It is okay to describe my daughter as mixed or half black or biracial. I am fine with it and so is most everyone in my generation. When people are afraid to talk about who your children are, correct them. Give them a lesson about micro aggression racism.

2. Take care of their hair

Don’t piss off your in-laws by bringing the grandchildren to them with dry, brittle and knotted up hair! Need advice on hair care? See below or check out my Instagram

  1. Moisturize. Spray that kid with a squirt bottle of water every time they walk by you!
  2. Don’t use shampoo, or if you do, only once in a while.
  3. Find an oil that works for their hair. Coconut, shea (THE BEST), olive, avocado, etc. Put that shit in there!
  4. Go to a local hair care store, not Walmart. I like K discount in Raleigh because there are always cute dads in the store.
  5. Ask around! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for advice.

3. Embrace their differences

Embrace the fact that their skin is different than yours. Teach them about their culture on both sides. Buy books that teach them about their culture, I really like this one. Ensure that you are teaching that the different parts of them are exactly what make them so special.

The other day I picked up my daughter from school and she said “Mom, I am not black”. The statement caught me off guard. While she isn’t fully black or white, I want her to embrace both sides. We had a discussion about what it means to be biracial and how special she is.

What are your favorite ways to embrace culture in your family?

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