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Get To Know Me and An Embarrassing Middle School Picture



I don’t have a nickname. My mother called me “Bunny” as a child. Some people call me Erica and some call me Danielle. I was “Danielle” until I was 18 when I stopped correcting professors.


I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I lived in Texas until I was 12. I consider Charlottesville, Virginia my hometown though.


I have one older brother and a younger step brother.

3 Fears

Dying. Heights. Being cheated on.

3 Things I Love

Coffee. Cheese. Black men.

3 Things I Hate

Small animals like hamsters and frogs. Doing the dishes. Racism

Zodiac Sign

Scorpio. Obviously.

Two Embarrassing Moments

unnamed (4).png
  1. 6th grade. I started my period in class and my friend had to give me her sweatshirt to tie around my waist.
  2. We were singing Happy Birthday to a coworker. I was still breastfeeding my daughter. I “let down” and milk went all over my shirt. In front of everyone.

Favorite  Food

Any type of pasta and sushi (although it makes me sick sometimes)

Favorite Store


What I did yesterday

I watched The Haunting of Hill House (10/10, would recommend)

One Word That Describes Me


3 Habits I Have

Nightly skincare routine. Morning coffee. Morning News.

3 Habits I Want

Some sort of morning yoga/mindfulness routine. Saving money. Walking around the neighborhood daily.

Something That is Constantly On My Mind

Providing for my daughter.

One Thing I’ve Lied About

Saying “I don’t care” when I really do.

My Pets

My beagle, Luna, recently died. We now have a beta fish named Elmo.

3 Things That I Annoy Me

Unfriendly people. People who are afraid to be themselves. When mayonnaise is put on my food when I asked for NO mayo.


Want to know more? Check out a few short personal stories!

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