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3 Ways Trump in the White House is like an abusive relationship

It is no secret that I do not like Donald Trump. I do not hold back from talking about politics and I do not agree with topics that are taboo. Talking about things you are passionate about can help other people see issues or things they may have never seen before. Do I talk about politics at work? Sometimes, but in a diplomatic way. Do I talk about politics with family? Absolutely, they need to hear that their president is actually a horrible human. 

Donald Trump is not only completely racist and sexist, he doesn’t even realize (or admit to)  he is which makes it entirely 10x worse. 

Donald Trump has many characteristics of an abusive man and here at just the three I felt like I could write about..

Reason #1 

Donald Trump lies. Abusive people, lie. Abusers make you question everything you know about yourself, your values, your family, friends and your talents. Abusers make up things to make you feel bad. Abusers make promises like “I won’t do it again” or “It wasn’t that bad so stop being a baby” or “You need to hear the truth about yourself”. It is all complete bullshit. Abusers lie to you to gain control over you. Donald Trump has lied during his campaign and in office. He has made promises (to his base) like tax cuts and building a wall, that haven’t happened. Donald Trump is full of empty promises, just like an abuser. 

Reason #2

Donald Trump manipulates. Donald Trump has been vocal about appealing to his base. Do I think Donald Trump actually cares about women’s reproductive rights? No, but I don’t think he has an actual opinion on abortion rights. He is appealing to his base, not what he actually believes.  Donald Trump excites his base by being racist, sexist and loud. He gains popularity by making brash and outlandish statements so that people who may feel the same way come out of the woodwork (his base). He is manipulating his voters to be even more racist, sexist and discriminatory by pushing through executive orders that support his causes. Trump also tells his voters whatever they want to hear. 

Trump had a positive analysis when asked to evaluate his first 100 days in office.
Donald Trump aims to make his base feel like they are accomplishing a lot, but not actually giving details about what they are accomplishing. Similar to an abuser saying “I won’t do it again” or “We can make this work” but without actually putting in effort to seek help. 

Reason #3

Donald Trump silences those who don’t agree with him. An abuser will tell you “don’t tell your friends or your family, they won’t forgive me” or “Please just keep this between us, they won’t understand that I have a temper problem” or “nobody will believe you anyway”. Abusers make you feel like YOU are the problem and YOU won’t be believed or listened to if you come forward. Donald Trump has very similar behavior with other candidates, reporters and science in general. Trump has eliminated positions and fired people who don’t completely agree with his stance on climate change (just one example). 

Even after defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, Trump did not stop in taking shots at the Democratic presidential nominee.
When someone doesn’t agree with Trump, he berates them. Doesn’t just attack their policies, he attacks their character and their personality. Donald Trump puts people down who are actually a threat to his abusive ways. 

“As a presidential candidate, Trump told supporters he would “open up our libel laws” to sue journalists. “We’re going to have people sue you like you’ve never got sued before,” he promised.”

By Brian Tashman, Political Researcher and Strategist, ACLU

Donald Trump would truly love it if we were only shown images and stories about his greatness. This is dangerous and disgusting. Abusers will try to paint an image of themselves to sell to your friends and families so that nobody will suspect anything. Abusers will try to silence you to support their image.

Donald Trumps Thinks Freedom of Speech is Disgusting

In conclusion, abusers will lie to you, manipulate you and try to silence you. If you are in an abusive relationship, do not stay quiet. Do not allow the abuser to have control over you. While it likely be the hardest thing you’ve had to go through, it will be worth it in the end when you are out. 

Love Doesn’t Hurt

7 Steps to Take After an Abusive Relationship

Domestic Violence Hotline 


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