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I still suck my thumb, I date black men and 3 other secret facts about me

Yeah, sooo people really seem to enjoy secrets about people. I can’t blame you. I love them too. I want to know what makes someone relate to me, what do we have in common, what is our shared “thing”. I don’t shy away from being an open book, I am who I am. I am actually offended by people who don’t open up. I don’t have any friends like this, I just CAN’T. I need to know. I am nosey af. In an effort to satisfy everyone else’s cravings for secrets, I will reveal a few of my own. 

I’m 27. I still suck my thumb

The only person that should be truly bothered by this is my dentist and orthodontist. Close friends, previous boyfriends and family know this about me but are always trying to get me to stop. Its not crack. Its a thumb. I can’t stop..don’t hate me. AND I really only do it when I am driving, when I am tired and in bed. So really, it isn’t that often..only every single day. 

I date black men & other varying shades of brown

I am not sure if this is necessarily a secret. I have a biracial child. Everyone has a preference when it comes to dating. It may be appearance, political affiliation, religion, height, gender, etc . Some people really like very curvy women. Some people really like tall men. Some people are in relationships with roller coasters (Seriously. Look it up).  Some people only date Christians. I just so happen to like men that have a darker skin tone. Is this my only preference? No. I really like funny men too but nobody seems to be talking about the several hilarious men I have dated. I don’t ask you why you only date women, or why all of your previous boyfriends have brown hair and a handle bar mustache. If you seem to be questioning my preference, take a look at your own. Are you only dating white men? Are you dating your fourth woman with red hair? Are you really into Republicans? Do you only date women in a  minority that have a stereotype of being submissive? Do you only seek men who have a lot of money? If your preference is rooted in prejudices ….well, I don’t even think I need to speak more on that. Anyway, I like what I like. 

I have a very dumb tattoo

So when I was about 18/19 I got the words “Southern Belle” tattooed on my lower hip. I am NOT kidding. It is awful and I really need to get it covered up. HELP. The friend that went with me to get this (you know who you are, I do not forgive you and you should have stopped this atrocity).

I am afraid of mayonnaise 

I am so serious. The sound of mayonnaise, the smell of it, the look of it..DISGUSTING. My brother used to chase me around the store with mayonnaise when I was little. AND when I had lice in the 4th grade, my mother did a treatment on my head that was a mix of lice medication and mayonnaise. Well, it dripped down my neck and I got it on my thumb. Please see secret fact #1 for more information on why I hate mayonnaise. 

I am non-religious

I’ve tried. I can’t, I’m not sorry. Here is my take on religion: Living in the United States most people grow up Christian. Yes, there are other religions here for sure, but Christianity is huge in the U.S. If I lived some place else, I would be something else. Your religion is truly dictated by where you live, who raised you and when you grew up. It has NOTHING to do with what you actually believe. If you lived in Iraq you might be Islamic. If this statement bothers you, please I am begging you to really search within yourself and ask yourself if you REALLY had an entire family that was of one faith if you would ACTUALLY be Christian despite every person around you being something else. Come on.. I can’t behind it. Do I love going to church? Yass, what a great community. However, I don’t believe in most of it and I can’t get behind it. 

The moral of the story is I cannot get behind mayonnaise or organized religion. 


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