Winter Product Recommendations

There are a few products that I talk about constantly on Instagram (also, if you aren’t following me, please do. I am very active and I love interacting with my followers!). Some of the items that I am constantly talking about are skincare products, random self care items and BOOKS. Here are a few of my favorites. Be sure to follow the link provided! I don’t choose to promote brands that I don’t value or agree with.

Squalane: Your newest go to skin oil

Squalane is naturally derived from either shark liver or olives (Obviously I wouldn’t agree with harvesting anything from a shark..that just seems wrong.. AM I RIGHT?) So, this type is derived from the un-alive and non-feeling olive. It is non greasy, easy absorbing and totally amazing. My skin feels like locally sourced whipped butter from an 18th century woman. Buy it, I dare ya! It is GREAT for fine lines, wrinkles all the stuff that I am totally okay with getting but I love my skin now so I’d like to preserve it.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.. ILY ELEANOR

Eleanor Oliphant Amazon Associate Link

Want to know the book I am always crying over? It is this one. I probably think about this character every day.. I’m not like obsessed, but I am not NOT obsessed. I do not want to give away the plot but I will copy/paste my GoodReads review here below.

Also..if you’d like to be my friend on GoodReads..feel free!

GoodReads Passionate Direction

Self Care and Self Exploration Journal

Start Where You Are Amazon Associate Link

I found myself picking this journal up at home, at work, waiting for my daughter at dance class, anywhere! I loved the bright colors, the inspirational quotes and the highly effective questions that the author posed. If you want to get inside your mind about how you truly feel, buy this journal. Also, I highly recommend using gel pens because.. why the hell not?


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