Happy International Women’s History Month! Cruel Men I’ve Met Online

I am not some man hating lunatic. Okay.. maybe a little but I definitely do not hate all of them. I really can’t stand a man that treats me like I am a walking vagina. Its not only ridiculous to be treated in such a one-note way but it is also completely irrational to denounce women to such subjection.

I have met quite a few cruel men on this journey of being open about mental health, body positivity and sharing personal stories online. People really seem to be at their absolute worst when they are behind the protection of a screen. Not just men, but women too. Please see previous post I won’t be minimized.

The amount of dick pictures I receive is outlandish. Y’all are disgusting. Your dick is disgusting. I hate you.

No I do not “invite this” upon myself so if you are thinking that..my god, I don’t know where to start!

Image result for disgusting gif

Men seem to be super offended by feminism. Which I find hilarious in a really “I feel so bad for you dumbie way”. Okay, so you want a submissive woman that doesn’t have thoughts of her own? Got it. It doesn’t sound like I am your target demographic..please unfollow me. But somehow..when I say that ..they are also offended? MEN ARE SO EASY TO OFFEND.

When I don’t agree with men online, they usually say something along the lines of “You need a psych evaluation” or “You’re insane”. First of all, I’ve had a psych evaluation, it cost me $500 out of pocket. I know what I am diagnosed with and it really has nothing to do with me being a authoritative, that’s just part of my personality.

Again, unfollow me.

Image result for bye hater gif

The one that takes the absolute whole cake is the man who sent a picture of his dick and then …

I didn’t respond for obvious reasons. 1. That is very unimpressive and 2. You are a sick weirdo.

But what really hit a cord with me is that in 2019, men are still doing this.


Men are still making sure I question my own sanity. “Fake PTSD” – Oh yep. I am surely faking PTSD. What a thing to fake. I really want to feel like I can’t breathe, I really want to keep remembering painful and embarrassing memories, I really like being on a handful of expensive medication and spending hundreds of dollars a month on therapy. I really want to feel like I can’t trust anyone in my life, particularly men.

If you attempt to make people feel like shit because of their mental health, it is likely you are not sane. I mean I am not a therapist nor a doctor but I do see both of those providers so clearly I am qualified to say you’re crazy..bye.

Men are still calling women names in hopes that you make them feel like shit enough to respond.

I mean, this is absolutely fucking ludicrous. You think I am a pig and you want me to suck your dick? Okay got it. How creative…another manipulative man.

What purpose does this serve? I know I can’t rationalize the irrational but seriously. Men, do better. If you know that your friend Joey is an absolutely weirdo to women, why are you not calling him out? If you know that your brother treats women like second class garbage dumpsters why are you silent? If you yourself think of women as property..what the fuck is wrong with you? If you think women are here to serve men, you need to relearn everything you have ever known. If you think that women are here to have sex with you constantly, shut up and do what you say, you ..don’t..deserve..women!

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s History Month! Cruel Men I’ve Met Online

  1. I can’t imagine that ever in the history of social media has a woman responded positively to a dick pic from some random jackass, and if insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, well…


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