International Women’s History Month: 3 Current Women that Inspire Me

Let me preface this by saying conservative women don’t inspire me. They just don’t. So no, you won’t find a republican or a conservative on my list. Why? Because they are not the type of woman that breaks barriers or fights for women’s rights. Is this offensive to you? I find conservative women who overlook women and minority rights offensive so..I’d say we are even.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Not only did Alexandria run an exciting campaign..she won. She won and she continues to win. She is exactly what we need more of in America’s too white, too rich, too manly political environment. She is annoying to conservatives because she says what she thinks and doesn’t stay within the lines. She is absolutely a phenomenal woman. Alexandria makes me feel like anything is possible as long as you go after it. You can’t let the fear of not being good enough, qualified enough or smart enough hold you back. You can follow Alexandria on Instagram, here.

Chelsea Handler

I think that female comedians have a unique perspective on politics. They are in the trenches of a predominately male career path while also balancing the fact that a lot of people view women as things that should always be pretty. Newsflash, women aren’t devoted to always being pretty. Some women are funny. Some women are funny and pretty. Some women are neither. Some women are small and some women are not. Women have a lot to give and it doesn’t have anything to do with looks. Chelsea Handler is someone that says exactly what is on her mind, pushes boundaries and holds people accountable to their sexist, misogynistic, white supremacy bullshit. We frankly need more white women speaking up and bringing attention to issues of minorities.

Gillian Flynn

Gillian has written three amazing novels (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places). Here is what Gillian has to say on the topic of feminism “To me, that puts a very, very small window on what feminism is,” she responds. “Is it really only girl power, and you-go-girl, and empower yourself, and be the best you can be? For me, it’s also the ability to have women who are bad characters … the one thing that really frustrates me is this idea that women are innately good, innately nurturing. In literature, they can be dismissably bad – trampy, vampy, bitchy types – but there’s still a big pushback against the idea that women can be just pragmatically evil, bad and selfish … I don’t write psycho bitches. The psycho bitch is just crazy – she has no motive, and so she’s a dismissible person because of her psycho-bitchiness.” You can follow Gillian Flynn, here.

Name a woman that inspires you in the comments below!


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